Adirondack Stream This site is a place to ponder what dance means, and has meant, in the moment and over the course of a life. I’ve always felt connected to dance, and don’t need to dance on the physical plane to experience the joy of dance. I’m dancing while I’m talking to you, cooking, gardening, writing. My inner being is dancing from one moment to the next. Perhaps not always gracefully, or even joyfully. It could be a choppy, stumbling, awkward moment- and my inner dancer stumbles along, riding the wave of that moment. Perhaps I’m trying to capture the essence of dance zen. But of course, zen can’t be captured, and neither can dance. Though this state resists being pinned down or precisely labeled, for reference purposes I’ll call it Dance Mind.

So I must be obsessed with dance, dancing every minute of the day. Chuckle chuckle. No, not usually. But there is something pivotal about this midlife phase that brings "moments of awakening" into focus. Dance has woken me up many times in my life, opened my eyes to a new way of seeing, and of being.

That said, I'm not living and breathing the physical expression of dance every waking moment. But the metaphor of dance has become part of my lens. Dance Mind extends to all passions. Journey along with me, and share your journey, too.